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    About us
    LRAC is a non profit making club run by a voluntary group of past and present Open University students who give their time to support current OU students, offering study days, workshops, museum and gallery visits do not form part of Open university courses.

    We are an affiliated Open University Students Association society.


    Details of all our forthcoming events can be viewed on our Eventbrite pages.

    Keep in touch

    To keep up-to-date with new events and study sessions, please subscribe to our e-newsletter If you are seeking extra support for your course, why not ask your tutor if they are willing for LRAC to contact them regarding running a day school or revision session? enquiries@

    Partnerships with OU societies

    We are delighted to be collaborating with the Open University History Society - a nationally based society with members throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA that promotes the scholarly study of history amongst Open University students past and present. For more information please go to www.ouhistory.org.uk


    Privacy statement

    Please see our updated Privacy Statement


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